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धन्वन्तरि कर्मयोग ट्रस्ट   (Reg No. 4 / 157 / 353-372) On Date  :  11-11-2016

Registration Under 12AA Of The Income Tax Act, 1961 : Reg No :- LUCKNOW/12AA/2017-18/A/10034  Date : 07-06-2017

Vision of the Trust:- And since all the members of the trust are engaged in social, cultural, health and Karma Yoga related activities, the following  the objectives for the fulfillment of which this trust is being set up.

यह ट्रस्ट स्वास्थ श्रद्धा एवं रोजी रोटी के लिये समर्पित हैं-

  1. To raise awareness in people living in colonies villages and localities by conducting various religious and social activities in temples and public places, thereby enhance their reverence for the sansthan Dharma to develop health consciousness in them and serve them by encouraging them to practice Yoga_pranayam and take herbal and indigenous medicines; to provide them sources of livelihood, self-employment, and set up training centres.
  2. To form societies encouraging cottage industry and home working, thereby making the economically weak self-reliant.
  3. To distribute seeds of different fruits and vegetables free to people in villages and localities in summer and rainy seasons and get them grown in courtyards and vacant lots; to encourage people to enrich the quality of their meals by including these home grown fruits and vegetables in their diet; to rid them of non-veg food and all additions, to mould them into good and dedicated citizens etc.
  4. To eradicated illiteracy and ignorance, and to keep negative thoughts at bay. to foster better relations with family and neighbours, pursuing the policy- “if we reform, the world will reform” “if we change, the world will change.
  5. To make prisoners mentally and physically healthy by conducting Yoga-Prayanam programmes for them in prisons.
  6. To impart free training in Yoga-Prayanam and give advice on diet and nutrition to the patients and their attendants in government, semi government and private hospitals, with a view to making them health-conscious, to make people in general aware of diseases and impress upon them the economic loss caused by medical expenses.
  7. To give training in Yoga-Pranayam to student educational institutions and hostels, thereby making them physically and mentally strong.
  8. to renders all possible help to the victims of environmental disasters,
  9. To work for the well-being of the common people without any discrimination on the grounds of costs colour, community or gender.

जन्मना जायते शुद्रः, संस्कारात द्विज उच्यते।


  1. this trust will not work for the individual benefit of any of its trustees nor will it take part directly or indirectly in any business activity for profit, but is may have exchange of financial services with its subsidiaries societies and institutions for their working.
  2. To make people familiar with all the welfare progrommes launched by the central and state governments and to give wide publicity to the laws enacted in public interest.
  3. The area of working of the Trust will be the whole India.

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